We are still here!

January 2013

Well good to know the the whole end of the Mayan Calendar = End of the world thing didn't come true.

Happy to say 2013 is off to a pretty great start and I have been spending my January working on the biggest production of my life so wedding! And I must say I am my most demanding client yet. Also holding for a couple very interesting things in the next couple months so stay tuned for  more epic adventures stories from the Life of Jenn.



Holy Moly that was fast!!

Feb-Dec 2013

So 2013 may have been the fastest year yet. You can see by the complete lack of updates to my site since January that I was a bit busy. So in an attempt to recap all of the wonderful things that I was a part of in 2013 I have a little list of happenings as I remember them:

Started off with lots of wedding planning, followed by the best day ever AKA my wedding. I Launched a podcast with my friend Grant Paviolka called "Kitchen Radio", or as we describe it music and ramblings. I shot some ESPN spots with W&K, Justin Reardon @Station film and some football Giants (Ray Lewis, Keyshawn Johnson, Tom Jackson, Cris Carter, Berman, Coach Ditka) that was pretty rad. Most definitely my dad's favorite project that I have ever done. July 4th weekend saw me out on the Bodacious for a tuna fishing trip and I caught a 90lb Big eye Tuna...yup 90lb.  Let's not forget the all German Champions League final...that was fun. I saw some epic theater on and off Broadway this year. Some that stay stuck in my mind are Once, Far from Heaven, Fun Home and a super wacky play called being Mr. Burns. I worked again with W&K on a series of short videos, this time for the Jordan brand starring Dr. Drain who is an amazing kid. We shot with Thor @Lair and we filmed out on Staten Island. It was my first time shooting out there and it was so much fun. End of summer I did a little modeling for my friends at Bindle & Keep bespoke suits, definitely not quitting my day job. Wrapped up my work with W&K end of October and awarded a fantastic ESPN World Cup project to Stacy Wall before I headed off to LA to wrap the year up working with the amazing people at Beats by Dre. Oh we added a member to our tribe as well....a super awesome dog named Bandit!

All in all a pretty kick ass year. Looking forward to more in 2014.