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Year of the Horse

January 2014

Started the year off on a beach in Maui. Pretty much guarantees a wonderful 2014 when you begin the year that way. Hawaii is truly one of the most magnificent places on the planet. Came back to NYC and jumped in with my friends at Beats by Dre to help them out with some Superbowl work and got to hang with Richard Sherman for that. Pretty Rad.




The future is now

Feb- March 2014

February and March had me working with the awesome folks at Anomaly NYC on a pretty amazing launch for Google. It was for their new Android Wear products. Essentially its a magical watch. The potential of this thing is pretty astounding. The overall appeal to me though is less time spent looking at a home screen. We shot the consumer film with Eliot Rausch of Uber Content, who I have been wanting to work with for a while now. His campaign for Expedia was one that really hit home for me and all his work really speaks to the humanity of a situation. That's why we really liked him for this project. Really wanting to steer away from the same old same old for a tech spot an infuse a bit of the human side of things to what essentially is a product demo video. We used another Uber Content Director Cole Webley to shoot the Developer video to go along with the consumer film. Post for both videos was handled by the amazing team at Rock Paper Scissors NYC. So many talented folks jumped in on this one given the super challenging timeline (Biff Butler, Carlos Arias, Dan DeWinter, Melanie Gagliano, Jenny, Eddie, Maria, Jaz, Sugarman...the list goes on and on). A52 in LA, Rob S. @Sound Lounge and Tim @ Co3 all a part of the team as well. Our awesome music producer (Stephen Campbell) @Anomaly wrangled a new Chromeo track for the consumer video and a Glass Candy track for the Developer video. It was truly all hands on deck and the results were fabulous. Over a million views in 24hrs, tons of press and a very happy client. Success all around.


The wonderful World of stylewar


April - June 2014

Finally got the chance to work with Stylewar @Smuggler. They have been on my radar for years. What a fantastic experience it was. We ended up building a huge set for the project...I am talking the expanse of a 25,000 SqFt studio. Everyone involved was top notch (per usual when you work with Smuggler). We shot a 2:30 one take that involved dogs, cars, wall moves, rain machine...basically madness. It was an amazing experience and the one take is truly fantastic. Hoping to get that posted soon. We also did an edited version that is linked below.

anomaly nyc

July 2014

In July I made the decision to go staff at Anomaly NYC.

It truly is the only place I could see myself going staff at so when the opportunity came I jumped. I am really excited to see what adventures come my way with the great group I am a part of.

No sleep til bangkok

July- Sept 2014


A super crazy and fun adventure with the Google team here at Anomaly and the amazing Directing duo The Malloys @HSI that took us to Mexico City and Bangkok. We were on a challenging timeline (aren't they all) to pull off a film to be used for the very exciting launch of the Android One phone. Everyone involved on this one really rose to the challenge and in the end we have an absolutely beautiful film.